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This is hopebird.
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Okay so I’ve been asked about tips on cleaning up your eating habits, so here are some really good tips for you!
The first important place to start is looking at what you’re eating already, because then you can look at what you need to change what could be improved and what you can swap. A food diary would be really good here, write down everything, don’t leave out anything, including drinks, so if you drink a lot of fizzy drinks, write them in too.
After looking at what you’re eating look at trying to limit your processed food intake, this is important because processed foods tend to have a lot of sugars, fats (a lot of the time saturated fats) and sodium. So to start off with look at what the ingredient list is on the package foods. If there are lots with names you can’t even say, try to stay away from them. Or instead look at making home made options, because at least then you know exactly what you’re putting in there. There are lots of recipes and tags on the side of my blog (workoutworkitgirl.tumblr.com)
Increase your intake of veg, this is so important because veggies are full of vitamins but also high in heart healthy fibre which can really help you to feel full. If you’re on a tight budget then get frozen, they last a lot longer than fresh veg and you can just add them into any dish straight from the freezer. Veg can also really good as snacks, so things like carrot sticks and cucumber sticks they’re my fave!
Cut down on saturated fats. I’m not saying cut fats out completely because there are healthy fats like avocados, fish, nuts and olive oil. There are lots of simple swaps like instead of topping your salads with lots of cheese, choose nuts or seeds, use peanut butter instead of cream cheese, and if you like your mayo in a sandwich, replace it with avocado. 
Reduce your alcohol intake, if you’re trying clean up your diet then you need to look at your alcohol intake. Alcohol little and often isn’t a problem, however if you’re binge drinking, you will find that the alcohol dehydrates your body. 
Watch your sugar intake, so limit things like fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate and baked goods, there is nothing wrong with having them in moderation, just don’t have them too much. People will say what about fruit, they have sugars in them, the difference between fruit sugar and sugars in sweets is fruit sugars haven’t actually been added in, they’re naturally sweet. 
Look at your salt intake, this is so important because eating too much salt can increase your blood pressure, so cutting back on processed food, when you’re cooking, flavour your food with herbs and spices, with a pinch of salt.
Healthy swaps like switching to whole grains. Whole grains include more nutrients so when looking at packaging look to make sure it says “whole wheat” or “whole grain” and not just “wheat”. Other options like quinoa and oats are other swaps you can make.
Up your fruit intake. Fruit is naturally sweet and delicious, but it’s also rich in potassium, it can help with blood pressure, and vitamin c which is important for a healthy immune system. I tend to get frozen fruit but if you do, make sure that there is no added sugar on the packaging as I know sometimes they do tend to when they freeze it. 
Cutting out things like refined grains is really important because they tend to have been really processed and often stripped of nutrients, and tend to have added sugars, saturated fats and extra sodium. 
Don’t skip breakfast, not now, not ever, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as is every meal, but specifically breakfast as it can help build a healthy metabolism. What happens if you skip? You’ll find yourself eating more food throughout the day. So for breakfast having things like oats and fruit can be really helpful. 
Look at healthy snacks, so carry things like fruit, or mixed nuts, making your own granola bars, pumpkin seeds, or bananas, apples and oranges are good snacks to have to hand.
Look at your portions make sure that you’re not overloaded on carbohydrates, but make sure it’s a balanced meal, for help with portions click here
Planning meals can really help too, and this can be helped before you go shopping so planning your meals, the foods that you’re going to need to create those meals and you know exactly what is going into those meals.If you click here there are tips on effective meal planning and click here for good lists for shopping
Listen to your stomach, once you’re feeling content stop eating, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day because what you might think is hunger could be thirst.  Here are some tips to help increase your water intake. If you’re stomach is still rumbling after you’ve had some water, have healthy snacks, click here for healthy snacks ideas.
Remember it’s everything in moderation, so it’s okay to have a takeaway once in a while, it’s okay to have fizzy drinks once in a while, it’s okay to have cake once in a while. You want a cookie? Have it, don’t limit yourself because if you completely cut it out, you’re likely to binge on them afterwards. 
Happy eating :) 



Child of Rage: A documentary about a young girl who was sexually abused when she was a year old. She has a desire to murder her entire family and carries out numerous disturbing tasks. 
The Scariest Drug in the World: Scopolamine is a drug that when taken keeps a person coherent but makes them open to follow commands. It’s been used to make people steal, as a rape drug and a way to humiliate people. It’s known as a “chemical hypnosis”. This film documents people’s experience with it.
Demonic Possession and Exorcism: The footage you are about to witness contains highly disturbing material. 
An Interview with a Cannibal: An interview with a man named, Issei Sagawa who committed a pretty horrific crime. He butchered and raped a young Dutch women because he wanted to absorb her “energy”. He spent 3 days consuming her flesh. 
The Bridge: A film on the Golden Gate Bridge, which captures the number of suicides. Many describe it as a powerful documentary, that leaves a lasting impression.
High on Crack Street: Shows just how badly crack ruins lives.  A great portrayal of the harsh, dark side of drugs. 
Aokigahara/Suicide Forest: A geologist walks through the forest and shows us what he sees. Definitly contains some depressing material.
Atomic Wounds: The effect of a nuclear weapon on a mass number of people. It’s disheartening, it’s horrifying, but it’s reality. 
Just Melvin, Just Evil: A documentary about a tormented family who suffered from sexual abuse and substance abuse because of one man. It leaves you wondering how can one man be so destructive?
Earthlings: One of the most intense documentaries made about animal abuse. Footage contains graphic material. 
Feel free to add to this list :)

I’ve seen the Bridge in my sociology class and I agree. Even having grown up there the video really affected me


u ever get in a shower that has the water pressure of someone softly crying on u

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pasta salad! so delicious


Garlic paprika baked chicken breast with spinach sautéed in safflower oil and garlic, mixed with buttered (with vegan margarine) brown rice noodles.
Dairy free, gluten free, and heavenly!🌁


Yoga For The Butt
Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles-Flexibility
Advance Yoga With Tara Stiles-Flexibility 
Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout
Yoga For Complete Beginners
Yoga For Beginners: Relaxation & Flexibility
Weight Loss For Beginners
Total Arm Workout
Get Madonna Arms 
Tank Top Arms
Victoria Secret Arms 
Superset Arm Workout
Five Minute Arm Workout
Arms Like A Victoria Secret Model
Fine Toning Arms 
Sleek and Sexy Arms 
XHIT Arm Workout
Tone Up Your Arms For Summer
Pop Pilates Back On Fire
Pop Pilates Backless Dress Workout
Toned Arms and Sculpted back
Bodacious Back And Sleek Shoulders
Sexy Back Workout
5 Minute Toned Body
Strengthen And Tone Your Back 
Firm Your Back
Tone Up Your Back
Lower and Upper Back Workout
Fitness Blender : Butt and Thighs
Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs
56 Minute Butt and Thighs
Legs Workout
Miley Cyrus Sexy Leg Workout
Perfect Legs
Killer Legs And Booty Workout
LAB Workout
Hot legs and Big Round Booty Workout
Lean Legs
Legs And Butt Shaper Workout
Victoria’s Secret Angel butt workout
Bikini Blaster : Booty Booty Booty
Beautiful Booty Workout
Love your Booty Routine
Bombastic Booty Pilates Workout on the Ball
Bombshell Booty Workout
Bikini Booty Workout
Victoria secret series : Butt Workout
10 minute Beginner butt
Supermodel Butt Workout
Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt Workout

I hope this helps 


This is what 5 lbs of muscle looks like vs 5 lbs of fat. So don’t focus on your weight. Focus on what you’re made of.

Breakfast: cereal with frozen raspberries and almond milk
Lunch: pictured here but it’s such a bad photo, sorry guys haha. It is cream cheese with lettuce, cucumber and sweet red peppers in a seeded flat bread thing (I had 2 of these) with an apple and small waffle
Dinner: a lentil thing my dad makes, green beans, sweet corn and some chips 

A good start I think after falling back in to my unhealthy eating habits! I’m picking myself up and getting back on it though ✌️

Also, I’m still trying to cut out all animal products completely. I only eat cheese occasionally now and am still looking for a decent substitute (UK) but I eat so much less that I’m going to completely stop soon (I can feel that I’m done it every time I still eat cheese), with or without a  substitute. I’m so proud of that since cheese and eggs were my favourite!


Four Cheese Caprese Pizza